We invite you to join the Cryptospaces Community

—not only as a user, but by also participating in Crytpospaces’ success. Earn points based on actions that benefit the community.

We want to reward members for participating and providing useful content,

making the community the best it can be.

Once we have the system in place we will take a portion of the profits each month and convert those profits into a coin like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another coin to distribute to our members based on a point system.

At this time we are not planning on making a new coin. There are so many out there at this time and don't feel that there is a need for another coin. More information will be coming about this soon.

We believe in win-win situations and that the people who are contributing in making this community a success should be rewarded.

Cryptospaces is a work in progress and hopes to become the place for information about cryptocurrencies as well as a community where trading ideas and knowledge about cryptocurrencies will be generated and shared.

There are 4 main areas of Cryptospaces:

Community, Discussions, Blogs, and Content. 

Be sure to check out our Trello Board!


Share statuses, upload photos, post videos, create events and more.

Activity Stream

  • Like posts and comments.
  • Share posts within the community and on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • Comment on posts and add images to the comment.
  • Keep in touch with other members.
  • Tag other members.
  • Share your location with other members using Google Maps integration.
  • React with the built-in emoticons.
  • Get people involved by using @mentions and #hashtags.

Groups, Pages, and Events

  • Create groups, Pages, and Events.
  • Invite friends to join any Groups, Pages, and Events.
  • Create discussions and events within your social group.
  • Post announcements in Groups, Events, and Pages.
  • Discover Pages, Groups, and Events from various categories.
  • Share photos within your Groups, Events, and Pages.
  • Groups allow users to collaborate with one another.
  • Events allow users to create meetups and schedule events.
  • Attendees can collaborate on event pages.
  • Share files in groups and events.
  • Create events within groups allowing group members to host events.
  • Create recurring events.


  • Communicate with one another using the community's private messaging system.
  • Engage conversations in groups over discussions or touch base with a newly acquainted friend.
  • Share files, photos or documents in conversations easily.
  • Get notified immediately when there are new conversations arriving your inbox.
  • Share current location in your conversations.

Photos and Videos

  • Tag photos and videos that you or other members upload.
  • Create Photo Albums to organize and share photos.
  • Add locations to photos and videos.


Everyone has an opinion. Create polls with multiple votes on user profile pages, groups, pages and events to hear out what people have to say on a particular matter


  • Add a cover photo and avatar to your profile.
  • Create a custom username.
  • Share your profile to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Share videos from video hosting sites like YouTube.
  • Earn points when performing specific actions on the site.
  • Achieve badges when performing specific actions on the site.
  • Set privacy options for each user profile, posts, and items on the activity stream.
  • Get live notifications and email notifications.
  • Quickly register and sign-on Single sign-on with your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Report spam and abusive activities on the site.
  • Share files
  • More


Discussions is a forum that allows you to spark conversations or have an online discussion about various cryptocurrency subjects using this forum.

Main Features

  • Ask a question or help others by answering questions.
  • Earn points when performing specific actions on the site.
  • Achieve badges when performing specific actions on the site.
  • Have private discussions on a topic.
  • Receive live notifications as they come in, real-time.
  • Share discussions on Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Other Features

  • @Mention.
  • Star ratings.
  • Vote for your favorite discussion thread.
  • Receive updates hourly, daily or weekly digests.
  • Attach files, images, and URLs into discussions.
  • See what people think by adding polls into discussions.
  • Report abuse for inappropriate discussions.
  • Set password protection for private discussions
  • More.


  • Create a blog and share your expertise.
  • Auto-posting to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn when a blog post is created.
  • Allow users to post comments on your blog posts.
  • Share your post to other social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.
  • Manage your images, files, and videos using the media manager.
  • Monetize your blog by integrating with Google Adsense.
  • Get found on the internet. The blog will be search engine friendly out of the box.
  • Share your location with Google Maps integration.
  • Secure your private blogs with passwords because the world doesn't need to know everything. Passwords can help you limit your blogs to certain viewers only.
  • Keep a history of changes on the post and switch between revisions back and forth without all the hassles.
  • More.

    Content - Coming Soon!

    Besides content is generated by users through their blogs, pages, events, and posts, Digibit Community will provide content by:

    • Creating original articles
    • Sharing content created by others
    • Providing dashboard(s) to display relevant cryptocurrency pricing and trading information by gathered from cryptocurrency exchanges. 
    • Providing news streams with content related to cryptocurrencies.
    • Providing a listing or current and upcoming  ICOs with useful information related to each ICO along with rankings.
    • More.

    Membership Levels - Coming Soon!

    More information about memberships will be coming soon. If you want more information, please Contact Us!

    Be sure to check out our Trello Board!